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‘999 Questions on the Rules of Golf’ and ‘999 More Questions on the Rules of Golf’

I am pleased to say that both my books, are now available as downloadable eBooks in both .pdf file (computers) and as a . mobi file (for Kindle, iPad, smart phones and other compatible device). I can confirm that all the questions and answers have been updated to accurately reflect the amendments that became effective on 1st January 2016.

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About the author:

Barry Rhodes has been making presentations and answering questions on the Rules of Golf for several years. In March 2008, he became the first person to achieve a 100% correct mark on the public Advanced Rules of Golf Course examination, run by the UK Professional Golfers Association (PGA). In April 2015, Barry received a ‘pass with distinction’ in the R&A’s Level 3, Tournament Administrators and Referees School examination, the highest certification awarded.

For many years Barry has been writing a popular blog on miscellaneous content on the Rules of Golf at this link;

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